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"Every Day is a Gift. Think Progress - Not Perfection. There Are No Ordinary Moments"

Hi, I'm Bob Wolfe, owner of F.I.T. Solutions


When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma.  I underwent 4 major surgeries, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy during a 2 year period. I have been cancer free since my last chemo treatment in March of 1977.

As a result of my early health issues,  great health and fitness are an important aspect of my life, both physically, emotionally & spiritually. My hope for you is to provide you the healthiest possible experience by applying my life experience and educational knowledge to fit your current fitness level and life style.


I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute (N.P.T.I.) as a Personal Trainer in 2006, receiving my certification from N.P.T.I. and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A).  In 2009, hosted by Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (R.M.C.R.I), 
I attended the University of Northern Colorado Cancer Exercise Workshop and received an Advanced Certificate as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.
In 2010 I received a Level II Certification in Heart Zones.
In 2012 I became a TRX® Certified Trainer.

Since, I have successfully trained clients with various health and fitness issues in addition to a wide variety of health concerns. With a balanced meal plan, specialized exercise program and the willingness to commit and work hard, you can achieve the best health and fitness for this stage of your life!


​Having been a competitive lifter and trained by world-class athletes, I had some skepticism of mild-mannered Bob.  As an older exerciser, I have some shoulder and back troubles and I asked Bob for help because my wife told me to. Bob is more client-centered than anyone I’ve ever trained under. He cares about me, is extremely knowledgeable and pays attention to my particular issues. He pushes me, often with lighter weights than I would choose, and keeps me from injury.  When I’ve shown up at a workout with a new physical problem, Bob changes his plan on the spot and creates a workout tailored to my problem. 
Michael C.

What good fortune to have Bob on my health team! He really knows his stuff, and stays up to date on important developments in his field. He prepares ahead for each work-out, and coaches me with just the right doses of motivation, support and humor.
Linda G.

My wife started training with Bob in the spring of 2009. When she asked me if I was interested in training with Bob, my response was: "I don't need no stinking trainer". Bob calmly told me: "Let's just try one or two sessions and see how it goes." That was 10 years ago...and I'm STILL training with him. He helped me through a hip replacement, knee injury & subsequent age related aches & pains. Can't quit him...enough said.
Jim S. 

​Having had a personal training background, I was very skeptical about most "chain gym" trainers. I watched Bob work with clients for over a year. When the gym offered a special on personal training, I chose Bob. That was over 10 years ago. His favorite saying is: "It's not about the weight, it's about form & function." At 52, I decided to become a tri-athlete. Bob's vast knowledge of core and cross training and his overall understanding of the swim, bike & run helped me to train safely & effectively. I placed 4th in my first triathlon; subsequently racing in the coveted Ironman event one year later. I'm still going strong and credit Bob with constantly introducing functional conditioning for overall athleticism, especially as we age. Gotta agree with Jim...can't quit him!! 
Denise S.